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Here you can buy the product of some of our designs. Order the latest drop of dreamteam x Imperial College face masks now!

dreamteam x Imperial College – Face masks

High-tech reusable facemask by dreamteam.

3-layer mask treated with Swiss technology to provide activated cooling (HeiQ SmartTemp), anti-droplet (HeiQ Eco Dry and Pure) and antimicrobial protection (HeiQ Viroblock*). The masks are rated for 30 washes minimum.

Designed in London.

*Fabric treated with a biocide to protect it from microbes and germs. Active ingredient: silver chloride. Not certified for medical use.

(good) CNV00032

70%: This design represents the aim for the UK in order to move past the pandemic – herd immunity. With blue dots representing unvaccinated people and white representing those vaccinated, we’re all in this together.


Turbulent: This design hints at the scientific nature of Imperial and its strength as a community through this pandemic.

(good) CNV00035

Action: The asterisk highlights the importance of action and indicates a sense of boldness. It is depicted as several I’s laid together as a sign of unity.


Speech: This design demonstrates that by carrying on with our daily lives and continuing life, our actions have far greater value in helping get through this pandemic. At Imperial, actions speak louder than words.