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Butterfly - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Design, Develop, Deliver - For Healthier Indoors

Inspired by Imperial College London’s report on the significant impact of air pollution on health, our vision for Butterfly was to transform indoor air quality monitoring. Butterfly transcends the traditional concept of air quality monitors. It’s not just a device; it’s a statement of elegance and sustainability.

We aimed to make air quality information not only available but also easily accessible and effectively communicated. This allows individuals and building managers to make informed decisions about their indoor environments. Butterfly isn’t just functional; it’s a fusion of intuitive design and environmental responsibility. Comprising four distinct products, including Morpho, our monitors offer a comprehensive insight into indoor air quality, adhering to the international WELL standard for buildings. Morpho, for instance, measures a range of factors such as particulates, VOCs, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity.

Our gloWING interface is a testament to this, using evocative colours that shift in real-time to reflect the air quality, while our secure dashboard provides detailed data and trend analysis. This empowers building managers to optimize health and sustainability, potentially reducing building energy use by over 40%. With Butterfly, we bring the metaphor of a healthy environment to life - when the Butterfly is present, the air is clean and healthy.

Environmental Monitoring Design, Health Impact Analysis, Sustainable Material Innovation, Data Visualisation, Energy Efficiency Strategies.