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Dyson Boardroom Interior Design

Inspiring Corporate Creativity

Our redesign of the Dyson Boardroom introduced a Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic, centered around a vibrant sky-blue wall that harmonised with Imperial’s visual identity. This fresh environment inspired creative thinking and effective communication, significantly enhancing the decision-making process. The integration of expert skills in interior design, acoustic engineering, and strategic space planning was key to transforming the boardroom into a catalyst for innovation.

Tasked with enhancing the visual and acoustic appeal of the Dyson boardroom, we sought to create a more vibrant, inspiring, and engaging experience for both internal and external meetings.

Drawing on Bauhaus influences, our redesign features a bold, sky-blue feature wall that not only strengthens Dyson’s Imperial branding but also promotes an atmosphere conducive to innovative thinking and dynamic discussions.

Interior Design, Branding, Acoustic Engineering, Creative Space Planning