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Presidential Chocolate Gift

Crafting Culinary Innovation.

Embark on a journey of redefining perception with our innovative presidential gift designed to elevate the image of Imperial College London among students and the wider world. Aiming to encapsulate the rich values, culture, and history of Imperial, we crafted two distinctive solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with symbolism.

Our first creation is a geometric marvel – a bespoke chocolate block that transcends the ordinary. The illusion of a tessellated cube is not merely a visual spectacle but a thoughtful representation of Imperial’s values. The chocolate block embodies a fusion of unique flavors, meticulously sourced sustainable and ethical ingredients, creating a sensory experience that mirrors the college’s commitment to excellence. Complemented by interactive packaging, this gift becomes a tactile celebration of Imperial’s ethos.

In our second endeavor, we present a chess set as a symbol of intellectual prowess and competitive spirit ingrained in Imperial’s culture. Crafted from laser-etched glass, the chess pieces meticulously reference the key sites of Albertroplis, the vibrant educational and cultural hub that houses Imperial College London. This intricate design pays homage to Imperial’s manufacturing innovations in lithography and additive manufacturing, symbolizing the institution’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to intellectual excellence.

Together, these innovative gifts transcend the conventional, serving as tangible embodiments of Imperial College London’s values, culture, and history. By intertwining creativity with symbolism, our designs not only aim to improve the perception of Imperial but also stand as testament to the institution’s intellectual legacy and commitment to innovation.

Our challenge was to design a unique chocolate block as a presidential gift, embodying the ethos of Imperial College. We chose a geometric, tessellated Pentomino design, combining unique flavours and sustainable ingredients. The packaging experience was designed to be interactive, adding an element of surprise and engagement.

This chocolate block transcended the boundaries of a traditional gift, becoming a sensory journey. It not only delighted the taste buds but also provided a visual and tactile experience, reflecting the innovative spirit of Imperial College and setting a new standard in gift design.

Nutritional Science, Culinary Arts, Creative Packaging, Sustainable Sourcing, Branding, Design Innovation.