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Blast Injuries Conference Branding

Captivating Academic Engagement.

Embark on a transformative visual journey with the rebranding of the Center for Blast Injury Studies and the Blast Injury Conference in 2021. Our mission was to not only revitalize their identity but to extend the impact of the Blast Injury Conference beyond its traditional academic confines. Through meticulous research, we crafted a powerful visual identity that mirrors the groundbreaking and interdisciplinary nature of the work conducted at the Blast Injury Centre.

The heart of our rebranding effort lies in a captivating digital communications package, a cutting-edge website, and a compelling brand manifesto that articulates the ethos of both the Blast Injury Centre and the esteemed conference. Our creative process was fueled by a commitment to innovation, translating the complex and impactful work into a visually striking representation.

As a testament to our dedication, we produced a marketing video that serves as a dynamic showcase, capturing the essence of the Center for Blast Injury Studies and the transformative experience offered by the Blast Injury Conference. This comprehensive approach not only revitalized the brand but also broadened its appeal, reaching beyond the confines of the academic audience to engage a wider community in the vital discussions surrounding blast injuries. Prepare to witness a redefined narrative that not only communicates the significance of blast injury research but also sparks curiosity and engagement among diverse audiences.

Develop a captivating and impactful re-branding for the Center for Blast Injury Studies and Blast Injury Conference in 2021, expanding the reach of the Blast Injury Conference to those outside of the existing academic audience.

Following in-depth research, we developed a striking visual identity, created a digital communications package, a website, a brand manifesto, and a marketing video that reflected the innovative and multi-disciplinary work realised by the Blast Injury Centre itself and the Blast Injury Conference